Saturday, August 6, 2011

St. Clair's Baptism plus Bread-making

St. Clair Alphonso Jarvis chose Saturday, 6 August 2011 to be baptized.  Branch Mission Leader, Aaron Larsen, posed for this picture with him and Elder Hadlock while the font was filling.   He and his wife of one year, Yvette, and Elder Hadlock and his, of several more, had plenty of time for a picture while the font continued to fill!   

Brimstone Hill Fortress

If you want to know the importance military fortresses such as Brimstone played in world history, you should go to history books or the Internet.  If you just want to look, scroll down, ..... knowing of course, it's always more impressive to be there!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

More dinner guests

Some of our dinner guests are invited, some just come on their own, and some become dinner!  We'll let you decide which are which.

Angela and Shane Brauchie brought LJ Payne for lunch Saturday afternoon with the best news ever!  His mother gave permission for him to be baptized!
One of three guests that arrived at our house in a black plastic bag found they became dinner........ 
 not dinner guests!

Not exactly the candle-light setting that usually accompanies lobster dinner but darned tasty none the less!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Lizard, Centipede, Mongoose, Monkeys and Mormons

This is a little orange friend that keeps me company when I'm washing dishes at the kitchen sink.  He is quiet and a little shy.  He doesn't offer to help but he won't go away!

If you look closely in the grass you'll see one of those creatures we're all afraid of.  You can chop them in half or in pieces with a shovel or scissors or whatever is handy,.......but that doesn't mean they'll die!  They bite with the little black-tipped pincers you see in the two pictures below, which is the part that carries their poison.

Lost the picture of the other end that Brother DeCosta was brave enough to pick up in his fingers when it was trying to get away and hide in the grass!!!  Darn computer!!!!  $#*%@!!!  Oh well!!!   So then let's look at something else.......

Like these monkeys at Ship Wreck--Momma's and their babies.  I'll be quiet now so you can watch.
Oops.  No sign that says not to feed the mongoose!     OK!   Now, I'll be quiet . . . . ..
These were two of the "Sister" monkey-watchers that Sunday afternoon,.......

......and these are all three.   The mountains behind them are the peninsula (handle) end of St. Kitts.  The furthest is the island of Nevis under the cloud.  Atlantic Ocean to the left and Caribbean Sea to the right.   
OK, shhhhhhhhhhhh, the Momma monkeys are back.  They brought their babies.  Don't frighten them away.........shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Friday, July 15, 2011

St. Christopher Children's Home Service Project

President Alvarado says, "Let us begin!"  Begin we did!  We worked to remove the sod from a small area of the back yard to make a flower bed at St. Christopher Children's Home. 
  We were grateful when each additional person came to help.  LJ brought his friend and younger brother, Tevon, who happily put on Mormon Helping Hands vests, paused for a picture and then went to work.  When we were almost finished.....
 Ms. Wells said, "We appreciate all you've done, BUT, what I really would like you to do is the area on the other side of the fence."  Elder Hadlock and President Hanley didn't say what they were thinking--'YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!
But as the morning progressed and one-by-one more helpers arrived a big part of what Ms. Wells wanted done actually happened! 
Two of the boys currently living at the home came to see what all the yellow vests were doing. 
By early afternoon there was a total of 35 Mormon Helping Hands that enjoyed a little rest and sack lunch in the shade. 

Jomilah Farrell's baptism and Mr. Toad's "Wild Ride"

Jomilah Farrell's Sunday School teacher, Brother Vazquez, baptized her on Friday, 8 July 2011.  Nijoe Farrell, Jomilah's newly adoptive father, Cami Farrell, Phyllis Farrell, her now legal mother and her two youngest daughters, Azaina and Nefisa, posed for this picture prior to the service which was held in the chapel rather than the usual font room because of so many visitors from the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission.

The Young Women, their leaders, Donville Paul and LJ Payne (non-member) sang the closing song, "Be Strong and of Good Courage" or something to that effect.
No matter how squished five adults are in the backseat of a Corolla, it's worth it when at the end of the wild ride are Marriott Guava BBQ Ribs!  

Dinner Guests at Our House

Yvette and St. Clair Jarvis came to dinner after July's Fast and Testimony Meeting.
Sisters in the kitchen, where almost everything happens!

Content after a long hard day and a light late supper are L-R President Hymas, Sister Alvarado, President Alvarado, Emmanuel Maldonado, Sister Hymas, empty chair (where Elder Button should be but he was at the Silver Reef condo with a fever), Sister Button, Sister Galan and President Galan. 

John Makoni and a friend he met at medical school, "J", took a ferry and a scooter ride to come to church Sunday.  They came to our house for Hawaiian Haystacks afterward.